Ola & Simple Scooter-க்கு டஃப் கொடுக்கும் Rugged E-Scooter | R15 - M | Aerox 155 | eBikeGo Rugged

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 26 ਅਗਸਤ 2021
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Ola & Simple Scooter-க்கு டஃப் கொடுக்கும் Rugged E-Scooter | R15 - M | Aerox 155 | eBikeGo Rugged

Rugged | Made In India | Strongest EV Ever | Electric Bike
Pre-Book Now @ ₹499 on rugged.bike/
Welcome to the familia 🙂
India's most durable e-Bike is now yours 😉
Your RUGGED is Strong, Smart and Sustainable.
- Enjoy a range of whopping 160 km and a top speed up to 75 Kmph on one charge! (4Hrs charge time)
- Rugged is equipped with a heavy-duty, high strength steel made chassis, designed for maximum strength
- Rugged Is equipped with a water and dust resistant India's 1st indigenously built Hub Motor (IP67 rating)
- Rugged Is smart! Now you can take complete control of your RUGGED remotely using your phone. Intelligent monitoring allows you to keep a tab of vehicle performance and ensure vehicle security (Anti - Theft System)

Strongest EV ever made
and it is rugged
We’ve put 4 years of knowledge and expertise into the eBike space in India. The eBike is designed exclusively for Indian roads. No more unexpected breakdown.
A chassis that is designed for maximum strength
The Rugged is distinguished by its distinctive V-shaped frame design.
A battery that charges fast and lasts long
Efficient & compact Li-ion battery with smart BMS developed in-house for best performance

Swappable battery with capacity of 1.9kWh each
0 - 100% in 4 hours
Portable battery with Water-resistant system
Unbeatable TCO in India - lower upfront cost by 15% and increases cycle life by 3x

India’s 1st Indegeniously
Built Hub Motor
01Rugged and Water-resistant system with IP67 rating
02Fully serviceable in India
03Top Speed of 75 Kmph
Why apply for
Rugged, the largest EV manufacturer, is looking for business partners to setup dealerships and authorized service centers.

Motor nominal power
1.5 kW

Motor peak power
3.0 kW

Top speed
75 Kmph

Gradeability (single driver)
16 degrees

Motor type
BLDC, hub motor

Water and dust resistance (motor)

Water and dust resistance (controller)

Warranty on chassis: 7 years, Overall warranty: 3 years, 20000 Kms standard warranty for vehicle, battery and charger, extended warranty options available.
Headlights, tail lights, indiators

Single outlet

Cell phone holder


Battery type
Li-ion, swappable battery

1.9 kWh

Nominal voltage
60.8 V

Water and dust resistance

Charging time
4 hrs

Average swapping time
1 min

True range - eco mode
160 Kms

True range - power mode
135 Kms

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    Heartbeat trends

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    I am unsubscribe ur channel because of your thumpnail.......



    ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    எது, இது டப் குடுக்கப் போகுதா, அதவிட இது Speed கம்மி,Model Ex-cell விட கேவலமா இருக்கு. ஏதோ Km Range பரவால. விலை வேர இதுக்கு அதிகம், production அதிகமா பண்ணிடாதிங்க செம loss ஆயிடும்.
    ஒன்னு Model-a மாத்து. இல்ல விலைய‌ கம்மி பண்ணு.

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    Don't review bike without the model. Be practical !! Don't show pictures and tell cock & bull stories

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    Rugged e scooter battery are removable type

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      saravana perumal

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      @rugged_bike Thanks sir... when will be sales marketing in expected???

    • rugged_bike


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      Yes, the battery is removable and can also be charged remotely.

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    Simple one best

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